Busy October Month 2019

So since last time I wrote here a lot of things has happend. I worked for Dystopia Entertainment at their Hounted house, where I played as a cultist, an envy sinner and a few monster roles, and worked as a builder and helped out building it/repearing it doing the entire October month.

Now you may wonder Envy sinner... is Envy not one of the seven deadly sins, and yes it is. This years theme was Inferno where the whole maze was mainly focused at the 7 deadly sins. So if you have not visited us doing October month, then you will have the chance to see the whole hounted house online.

Besides the hounted house I was also participating at some few events like Halloween at the Prison, which was a childrens event in Horsens where I was playing a former prisoner from the old prison in Horsens.

I helped building a small Hounted house in at Odense zoo.

Playing a clown at the Halloween parade in Vejle, where I had to entertain the kids and "not" scare them too much.

And at the beginning of november I also helped scaring some people who were working out on spinnig bikes.