Graduating at Music an Theater Hoejskolen

A few weeks ago I graduated at Music and Theater Hoejskolen in Tuftlund was one of the biggest and greatest moments in my life. Not only have I trained under some of Denmarks best theater instructors, but they also gave me the chance to go to Oxford Drama school for an audition. Or though I did not get in at the school, it was still an incredibble experince for me.

I got a lot of new friends at the school, but not just friends but more like a new family forever.

Two days after my graduation I went to New York with two of the music teachers and 4 of my schoolmates. It was so fantastic to see how the city has changed over the last 10 years since I was there last. You can follow me on my Instergram if you wanna see all of the pictures from the New York trip.