Studying acting at music and theater hoejskolen in Toftlund in Denmark

Hey guys. 

Srry for not updating you for a long time. 

In the moment Im studying acting at music and theater hoejskolen in Toftlund in Denmark, which I have been doing since Febuary. A Hoejskole is like a bording school, but where you only are studying one subject, and there is no exams or tests in the end. It has been some intensive months of Hard work, where we have been working on monologs and dialogs. Its so fantastic finaly having an instructor, Who are good, knows what he is doing, and are able to actualy teach you something that you cant learn by your self. Besides working on my monolog, Im working with a awesome partner from Ukraine. She has barely done any theater in her life before she started here, but it feels like she has been doing it her entire life. Besides actors, Im working close together with some of the best young audio engeniers, contempoary circus, singers, Electronic musicians, dancers and "normal" musicians, that I have ever been working with. These people are both students and teachers.

Doing this last weeks time I have been working Hard on monolog/dialog work and mask work. This was really interesting, and something that I can be talking about for hours, since I have never worked with masks in my 13+ years of acting career. School trip to Berlin is on the program now, and when we get home, we have 3 weeks to prepare our final performance and get ready for our tour around Denmark. So Im gonna be busy for the next few weeks, but will try to write a bit more if I can get some time for it between practice and preparing our tour.