Dystopia Hounted House 2018

As you know 2018 was a crazy year for me, and a lot of things happend, most of it in Canada. But one thing that went crazy was comming back to Dystopia Hounted House as an actor in October Month. When you have been away from something for a long time, and just suddenly returning back incedible!! Its so crazy to see how it has changed since I was working there in early 2017 at their horror run. I played a few different characters this time, one where I had to walk around in a tight spandex outfit and not able to say anything, which is really difficult to work with. As an actor Im used to be able to use my voice and body to do pretty much everything, so only able to use your body language and what ever kind of props you got in the room, and make it work with your co actors, that was something different, but it was an amzing thing to try, learning by doing and figuring out how much you can do without your voice, and still be able to creap the shit out of people, its something I would recomend to all actors to try at least one time. Because you are really learning about yourself and how important that boddy language is.

You can say that working with Dystopia Entertainment has become some kind of a lifestyle for me, working there has given me such a huge experience as an actor, and how you can work with improv. Because Improv is a big thing of your work, since every night is not the same, even if you got lines, you still have to adapt to the flow and the other rooms, figure out how to give the guests the best experience night in and night out.

And 2018 was no different working with new people almost every night, knowing that people looks up to you as one the the "older" peoples there, gives you a huge pressure... and you have to make it work, not knowing 100 % what kind of crew you are going to work with before 1 hour to show start, assist instructors where you can, get into character, make sure that the room is ready, answer questions to the younger people who may not have understood their instructions comepletely... Yup that is basical what you can expect night in and night out as an experienced actor in Dystopia Hounted House, a lot of stress and pressure, but at the same time also a life opertunity to work with some of the greatest upcomming actors, instructors, makeup artists and production crew in Denmark!! Being part of this family is something I would not be without, and it is something I will highly recomend you trying out!! 

go to their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DystopiaEntertainment/

or their webpage www.dystopia.dk

They dont pay me or anything at all to tell you this, but follow them and signup for their auditions when they comes up no matter what kind of creative person you may be, or contact them if you got a skill in something else then acting, makeup or hair because we can use all kinds of people to create awesome events!!