A semester in Perth

I have just entered a contest via EDU, to go and study at Edith Cowan University in Perth in Australia. If I win this contest I will get a chance to study for one Semester at ECU, which will mean a lot to me, because then I would be able to learn about the business site of creative production, the reason that it will mean a lot to me, is that then I will be able to see the world of theater and film from another prospective then just through the actors eyes. Which basicaly means that I will be able to understand the world of film/theater production from more then one site, learning something that actors normaly not are going to do, since they are only focused on their ways of living, and they do not normaly see the big picture of the entire production. And having a knowledge about the entire thing can not only make me a better actor/comedian but also give me the opertunities to work in the production part as well, which could be an amazing thing to do. And comon doing it in Australia as well... how much more awesome could it be!!! 

So I cant wait for the 22.nd of March 2019 to get the answers about if Im going to get a life opertunity in Australia or not.