My trip to Canada last part

Basicaly after I had helped saving The Rio not much else happend for the rest of the journey... I had to move out of the basement since the building was going to be demolished, so I moved in to a new home which was basicaly like a Mansion where I lived with people from all over the world. I did some acting workshops, with an audition for some few programs that Disney where working on, but never got anything back from them, I did some voice acting just to see if I could get a breakthrough there, but with no succes either.When I started doing Comedy I got a bit of succes, I traveld from bar to bar and did some few shows, got some contacst that would like to have me back, if I return to Vancouver again one day. 

One day I got in contact with an agensy that would love to have me, but since I did not have my work permit, they could not help me. So I worked hard with the immigration to get the permit, and when I finaly got the papers, my visitor permit had run out with two weeks :( When I contacted the Immigration they just told me that everything was fine and that I should just go to the border and get my papers finished, so not knowing what to expect I just went to the border to get my papers done. But sadly the bordercontroll lokked at my papers and figured out that I have been living in Canada for two weeks illegaly and working there without a permit, they did not care about the immigration, since they aperently could overool them, so after 4 hours of going back and forward talking and aguing it ended up with that I got told, that I had 3 weeks to get out of Canada on my own expence. The week after I traveld home to Denmark.

So that was basacaly a quick rundaown about my trip to Vancouver in Canada :) 

- Morten