My trip to Canada part 4

After I had lived with these "lovely" Mexicans for a few months it was time for me to move on. Not because I wanted to, since I had become good friend with these guys, or how good a relationship you now can get when you cant understand what they are saying... But because the house was schedueled to be demolished, which was understandable since it was in a really pore condition. I moved a bit closer to the central of Burnaby, to a huge house/Mansion where I lived together with I think 8 or 9 other guys from across the globe, the house was nice and cheap considering what I was used to back here in Denmark.Being an actor/comedian in Vancouver made me realise how much of a survivor you have to be if you wanna get anywhere in the world. Because People was deffently not going to give you anything for free, not even any kinds of advises at all. While I lived in Burnaby I traveld around in Vancouver and the local area from bars to bars doing standup comedy just to make a living, and I got into a great community with people who saw some potential in me and wanted to help me, if I just could get a working permit, which btw is much harder then it seems!!While I was fighting with Immigration to get my working permit I participated in a Telephon Marathon(not sure how to pronounce it), to save a theater called The Rio. This event lasted 30 hours straight and the price for the entire show was 30 Canadian dollars, so I thought why not, also because it went to a great couse, since I had started to fall in love with this theater and the kinds of events that it does. So if you are an alternative person, I can deffently recomend you trying to visit the place!!! :) 


- Morten