My trip to Canada part 3

a short while after I moved into Burnaby which is a City close to Vancouver(15 min in skytrain). Where I moved in to a basement, as soon as I mooved in I could hear two Germens speaking, and the smoke from pot was all over the place. So I got to live with two Germans and one Mexican. Sadly the Mexican mooved out a shot while after Christmas and the Germans mooved out a short while after New Years Evening. Lucky enough for me a small group of 4 Mexicans moved in to the basement, where only one of them could understand and speak English. While I lived at the basement, I started on my acting career by oining an online program called Friends in Film(FIF), which got me to start a youtube channel, which I do hope to continue on when I get a computer or a phone with a good camera again.

The times were great while it was only the 4 Mexicans, but as it happens Mexicans helps each other out, which can be a good thing, but when you live in a 3 oom basement, it starts to get a little cramped when you end up livig 8 Mexicans and me in this little crappy basement, and yes you guesed it... Sill only ONE of them could speak English. Which did give quite a lot challenges with communication and living arrangements, since I lived on the Couch in the living room, and they had to go in to the livingroom to enter the kitchin at 6:30 am in the morning, not thinking about light, sounds or noices... Which is "great" when you are an actor who does not get a lot of sleep or any money at all... But well hey Beggers cant choose, and they were good drinking patners in the evenings and helped me out financial in hard times, hell yer even with the rent once in a while. So even though they were quite anoying, they were also really awesome people, and it is something I will never have been without since it was such a huge life experience.


- Morten