My trip to Canada part 2

I arrived in Canada at the 28th of October 2017 where I moved to the town Squamish. I was told that the town was a small one, but for me a small town is a town with like 5000 people living in it, while in Squamish there lives just about 10 times as much. I was also informed about that yhe town was close to Vancouver.... For when a town is close to a city, well then its at maximum 45 min in a car, here you had to drive in over one and a half hour just to get to the city.... So this was a huge thing to get used to. Size in Canada was deffently something else compared to in Denmark. 

When I got to Squamish I lived and worked for a family as an aupair, which to begin with was great, but in the beginning of December 2017 I was so unfortunate that I made two smaller scratches in the family car, and then it was over for me, I they told me I had two weeks to get out of the house, because I was not responsible enough to drive. They never told me about the driving laws in Canada or showed me how to drive in a car with automatic gears, and I had told them all about it, so they knew that I was not comftable driving in a new country in a huge car. 

So you could say that the beginning of my trip was a nightmare, but hey for me it was a learning experience. So I kept my head high and moved on.

- Morten