Its hard to say goodbye part 1

Today I was together with my girlscouts for the last time before Im travellingto Canada. Its always hard to say goodbye, to someone that you have enjoyed being together with for over a year. I tried to say goodbye in a nice way, but inside my self Im crying, since Im gonna miss them a lot. Just as much as the LARP Scouts, which I said goodbye too yesterday. 

Leaving something behind, which you have used a lot of your time and energy at, is really difficult, and not easy. I just hope that they are gonna be okay, and that they continue in the spirit that they have had for these last few years, which I have known them, and perhaps in the future I will see them again, but not as the kids I know them now, but as youn adults instead. Which is something that always something that is a special thing, which you never can prepare yourself for.


But guys until next time take care!!!


Yors scout leader