SL 2017

This summer was such an intresting summer. One of the biggest events was SL 2017, which was a huge Jamboree in Denmark with over 40.000 scout, not only from Denmark, but also from other countries as well. I was so lucky to get permission to join as an instructor, for my girl scouts and as an absador between 1. Ryom DDS and our scout friends from Guildfor, which for those of you who do not know where it is, it is just outside London in the UK. 

It was such a huge experience, since I meet a lots of new friends. Some people from Ireland actually thought that I was from Ireland, just because of my hair and my bad Danis/English Accent... Well there were so many things happening at that camp/Jamboree, that it is impossible to write everything down.

Some of the best things was being together wit not only my girl scouts, but also all of the other scouts from my Group(1. Ryom). Most of them I have never meet before we traveld all the way to Sønderborg (Soenderborg)in South Jutland. All of those kids were amazing, and they kept on surpricing me everyday. Some of them were sneaky enough to ask me if I would give them icecream while I was wearing my yes hat on, since I had to answer yes to everything that I was asked.


I hope that Im gonna see all of the scouts from Guildford one day again, since they were all so fucking awesome. Which does not just say a little bit about them, but a lot. 


Well I gues I gotta put an end to it here, since I can go on and on about how amzing that the Jamboree was, and how lucky I was being able to meet scouts from Canada, and figuring out about the Canadien Scout Culture.

There is so much to learn out there, and finding a Canadien Scout group is deffently going to be on my top 5 list of what to do when I get there, in just about a months time.


- Morten