helping a friend with her exam, in a special way

today I have helped a friend with her exam. I dont know how she does it.... But my friend Kira managed to read my innerself via the phone, and she could read it so perfect. She has told me the way to release my self, without bringing other people down.

Last time I had the connection with my innerself, was when I was high..... So its impressive that she can read such things via the phone.

Most of these things was something I have not thought of in a long time, and last time I was in a mental state to actually think of such things, I lost a close friend of mine because of has and other bad thing, I dont wanna talk about. But Im happy for her ways of thinking, and I think its amazing that she can do such things just by clearing her mind, and talking with one via the phone. I wonder what she would be able to do face to face. :O

I hope that she could use this experiment to something usefull, because I have got a lots of things to think about my life now thx to her.

So thank you very much Kira :)

Hope to hear from you again about the results of what you have learned :D


- Morten