getting a job is defficult

A lot of people thinks that getting a job as an actor is easy. But belive me it is not. It takes a lot of hard work, and often you will have to do a lot of jobs completely voluntary, just to get a reputation, or you can try to get accepted into a drama school, and hope that they can provide you with enough experience and reputation, so that you can get directly out into the big world. But either way, its really expencive belive me! most of the time, I have thought to my self, why I am even doing this, because I cant earn money on what I love to do, just because that the world does not know me yet, but beliving in that the work I have done so far, and those connections I have made until now, will help me some day, is what keeps me burning for doing what I love, which is acting.

How have you been able to get the foot inside the door? if you have any sugestions plzz leave a comment, so that we can help each other out getting the foot inside the door, and do what we love to do most.