Audition for a revue in Aarhus

today I have just sent a aplication to an audtion, to a revue in Aarhus. I cant wait to see how the audition is gong to be.... If I get accepted its gonna be the last form for acting Im doing in Denmark for a while, sine shortly after the last performence I will be on my way to Canada.

I think my biggest problem is going to be the dancing part of the audition, since my dancing skills sucks a lot.... The singing part is something Im realy confident in, since my good friend/instructor Maria is helping me a lot, on improoving my voice and my skills as a sanger, which is something that must not have been easy at all... ut thanks to her and her boyfriend, I found out that Im not a bass which I have thought I was for many years, but Im actually a tenor.... My acting skills is the one thing Im least worried of, since thats the part which has been following me the whole of my life.


But well lets see whats going to happen here the 20th of march.