LARP school project

Hello fokes Im back again. Im srry for that I have not been keeping you updated for a long time on whats going on. Well in the last few weeks I have been organicing a school project, where we should teach 7.th graders about what LARP is. This is really defficult since they were not really intrested in LARP at all..... But when you mix it with a magical world like a world inspired by the Harry Potter world, well yer then it just suddenly got their intrest. I have never been a teacher before, and I have a huge respect for the teachers and how that they can handle kids every day. Because it was mentaly hard for me, even though I was teaching them about things that I love most in the world. Like how to play LARP, how to write a character and plots, or even how to create small speial effects, like wounds and those kinds of things.

For those of you guys who are teachers, and would love to add something into your lessons/class to keep the intrest, well then add some kind of LARP/drama in it, because what I have learned in those two weeks was, that kids love to be in another kind of world and be another person then they are in their daily life. Its also in this way, that the small and weak childrens can show their tallents to the big guys, show them that they can do something that the others cant do. You can change the whole class by just addins some small games into your class, were they have to play another character, and put them into situations which they are not used too... The nerds can quickly adept to what is going on, but the popular kids cant do it as fast, because theu are not used to do such things. Maybe try to change the class so that the nerds shall play the cool kids for one day, and the cool kids shall play the nerds for one day. The nerds knows how to do it, since they have been bulied by the cool kids every single day, they know how the move, how they dress and talks. While the cool kids dont know about what the nerds do and how their world is... they have not used their time to analyse the nerds world, because why should they?

As an instructor it was really intresting to see how the class changed that day, and how that they changed the view of each other after one single day. And I only had them in one lesson in the morning, and did not see them again the rest of the day. But the day after I had them the whole day, and they were completely changed.... they worked together much better then they did before, yes the heirachi was still there, but is was not as hardcore like the day before.


I cant wait until the articel with the reviews from the students and the teachers comes, so I can see it from their point of view. But for me it was a good time, and deffently something I would love to do again.

So thank you very much Ryomgaard Realschool for letting me and my friends organicing this, and I do hope, that we can come back next year and cuntinue our magical world, and in due time maybe change the point of view on how you should behave agains each other, and what you can use LARP for besides go into the forrest and play orcs and elfs.