7.th seas 2.eddition

in these last few days, me and my friends have been playing a pen and paper system called 7.th seas 2.eddition. It is a pretty good system, and very easy to learn so even very new players who has never played pen and paper could understand, and have a really great time playing. And being a DM for such a easy and great system, just makes it much more enjoyable :D

Well yes I had some few players who could not come because of several personel problems, but if you can play it with 3 players even though you have one player who is not really active in the game, well that just tells how great the system is. 

So all in all its a system that I can recomend for everyone who likes pirates, or just a game where you atually only needs one type of dices to play it, and not like 5 or 6 diffrent types of dices :)


I will give it 3 out of 5 stars.

The only reason it dont get more then 3 stars is, that it could be nice with a little better combat system, since it does not explain how much damage your ships canons or your own weapons do, or any kinds of weaponlist, Plus a list over diffrent things that you can buy, sell or plunder which is a very important thing for a pirate who wants to become rich in one way or another.