Why do I love acting in a hounted house.

Well people often ask me, why I love being an actor in a hounted house.

Its not easy to to describe it, but you can allways start with the sounds of the screams everytime the guests gets into my room. 

Doring these last 3 years I have been acting for Dystopia Entertainment in Vejle in Denmark, I have played a lots of diffrent characters. Its not easy to say if I love the jumpscare or the storytelling charactes moste. But when you have tried to play everything from a flying hand from the roof to a demon from the deepest hell, hereby including playing zombie, mad scientist and cultists characters.

So I gues its also about the thrill every time you get to play a new kind of character with a new kind of story, and you just have to improvise the shit out while guests who actually has paid to come into the hounted house just comes into your room.

Hmm well yer there is also the thing about how small the community is, so you get to know people really fast, and its more then less like its a small family that you are together with every year :)

so yer I gues thats more then less it :)